Entrepreneurial excellence

Knowledge sharing between entrepreneurial women leads to improved business mindset.

Offering entrepreneurial women a networking platform both in the face-to-face and in the online environment. We encourage self confidence, mutual support and sharing of skills and knowledge.

What do we do?
We encourage women to become their own person, believe and trust in themselves which creates sustainable business at all levels.

Offer social events from which women can interact and share ideas and skills.
Be the conduit to networking and linkages that are not traditionally available to young women. Please feel free to chat to us about our future events and functions.

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to link with one another globally through the networking platforms available to them. 

Upcoming Events

We welcome all enquiries to develop entrepreneurial women through our network interactions, conferencing, workshops, training and networking opportunities. Our partners also offer Business mentoring for women to build confidence, to offer a sounding board platform, to encourage and to develop women at whatever stage of their entrepreneurial journey.

Our corporate partners and associations allow Women In Business to extend their networking opportunities and linkages to other entrepreneurial women. This strengthens the ability  to form alliances which will lead to enabling environments. Join us today.

As part of our initiative to increase the number of black (and other previously disadvantaged) people who own and manage their own business, we are proud to be B-BBEE Level 1 with 100% women shareholder. Empowering women, inspiring women driven businesses.